Jasper van den Berg
Software developer

My current interests


My name is Jasper van den Berg. I am an all-round software developer. Currently, my focus lies on web development, this is what I do for a living at Ivaldi in Rotterdam. I also like to develop low-level software in my spare time as a training.

Computers have always been a passion of mine. I used to play a lot with computers when I was a kid, for instance writing little scripts which makes the computers do simple tasks. Because of this I chose to study computer science. So far I am having a lot of fun creating small software for school projects and for personal use. When I write software I choose to use as much different languages and techniques. By using this mindset I get to learn and experience as much different techniques as possible.

My acquired techniques

I have acquired the following techniques:

Ruby Scala Python MySQL Neo4J Android Cordova Java Wordpress C/C++ PHP Linux development Continuous integration OpenBSD

Recent Projects

This website!

Pineapple health

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